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Small Sized Kakemono Scrolling Posters

We are pleased to inform our customers of a new product. The standard sized Kakemono scrolling posters measure 23" x 44", a rather large size. The additional new line of 28 different styles of small sized posters, which measure 8" x 16" are now available.

They are intended to fit well in small spaces or for hanging in multiples, showing off a matching series. 

The new smaller size Kakemono posters use the same premium quality silk like fiber cloth and deeply saturating natural pigment inks as their larger sized brothers. Both sizes have a 5/8" hardwood two piece support rod, top and bottom. 

This specially developed attachment system of slotted dowels and a wooden wedge locking your poster to top and bottom rods was designed to allow easy removal. 

Do it yourselfers can easily remove the locking wedge from the dowel. Once removed from the poster you can stain or paint to a complimentary or matching color that suits your home decor. Reassemble and you now have personalized your posters for that perfect match. 

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