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Our Story

This short video serves as our "trailer" for our YouTube channel. It shows our studio and gallery and the three different styles of our Kakemono scrolling posters. Antique, Calligraphy and Colorful examples. It begins with a short description of the "Circle of Life" or ENSŌ which conveys infinity and life, empty but full and complete. 

The Japanese Torii is shown in a famous symbolic gateway, marking the entrance to the sacred precincts of a Shinto shrine in Japan. The torii, which has many variations, characteristically consists of two cylindrical vertical posts topped by a crosswise rectangular beam extending beyond the posts on either side and a second crosswise beam a short distance below the first. Our Antique Kakemono scrolling poster appears as a video within a video with a floating Torii.

Video ends with a call to action highlighted by a female model pointing out our Antique Kakemono poster. 

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