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Passionate about ancient Buddha sculptures?

This was the headline of the press release on October 19, 2014. The iconic Buddha sculptures were released on that date. On January 16, 2016 the Kakemono scrolling posters that are based on these original sculptures were released. The following press release gives the history about these Buddha images and the sculptor.  
Bangkok, Thailand (Oct 19, 2014). After conducting anthropological tours of Khmer stone masterpieces throughout the Emerald Triangle (where Thailand, Laos and Cambodia meet) for over a decade, Terrell Kaucher is introducing his iconic Buddha sculptures. The six (6) selected Buddha images are all hand carved from the finest sandstone, representative of the originals. Each well known historical style was inspired by the finest examples from the countries of: Korea, Burma, Indonesia, Cambodia, India and Thailand. These unique interpretations of a Buddha bust are all mounted on a block of granite with four colors to choose from. The supporting rods are also offered in your choice of four (4) metals (copper, brass, stainless steel and rustic iron) to match your decor.

A long history of artistic endeavors since my early youth, beginning with custom car pin striping and sign painting. An offer of scholarship and enrollment to Chouinard Art Institute, Los Angeles, Ca. was not completed due to family obligations. My hobbies have always revolved around art (wood and stone carving), furniture design, single stroke lettering and calligraphy.

Khmer Road Sculpture was created to share with others the beauty of these serene, meditative and spiritual images. Two decades of visits to both the well known UNESCO World Heritage sites and the little known local sites and the viewing of there desecration and looting has encouraged me to try to bring world attention to the problem. Hopefully by bringing awareness through my examples, people can join together to help protect these architectural wonders and there cultural artistic contributions.

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